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Fingerink FAQ

What is the Electronic Signature?

The electronic signature is a simple and legal way to obtain the consent or approval of electronic documents.
The electronic signature is legal and is recognized as legally binding in most countries of the world.
In addition, the electronic signature is more secure than the traditional one (handwritten and scanned or sent by fax). The Fingerink service ensures that documents are signed, managed and delivered to contracting parties in a secure manner. To guarantee the regulations that regulate electronic signatures, Fingerink generates a probatory document.

How can I control the signing process?

Fingerink users have a management panel where they can consult and control the entire signature process. From this panel you can check the status of any document that needs to be signed (sent, pending signature or signed), the history of the signed documents, the documentary file and the record of probative documents generated in each operation. In addition, the panel also has an automated alert system to be informed at all times of the status of signature requests.

Does Fingerink guarantee security and privacy?

Fingerink provides the highest levels of security and confidentiality. Access to the data is done through a secure HTTPS channel that uses 256-bit AES encryption and SSL 256 Bit Encryptionun.

How many users does my business need?

To achieve maximum security and legal validity, each member of your company must appear as an independent user in your account.

Is Fingerink compatible with large companies?

Fingerink is committed to finding the precise plan that best serves the needs of your business. If your organization has special needs, such as additional templates or access to the API (in development), please contact our sales team for more information.ur account.

How does the Certified Email work?

When you send a certified e-mail, our company sends an email to the recipient with a link so you can read the communication, and a copy of it is stored on our servers during the time stipulated by law.
All the negotiation between the mail servers is also stored, as well as the answers they generate, such as: Delivered in the user’s mailbox, Delivered to the destination server, Incorrect address, etc. In this way you can follow the trail of everything that happened with your communication.
Thanks to this we can issue a certificate that you sent a communication, the content of it, and the time it was delivered and / or read along with the recipient’s IP address.

What operating systems are compatibles?

PDF documents can be signed through a smartphone or tablet with Windows Mobile (Microsoft), iOS (Apple) and Android (API 2.3 or higher) operating systems. Fingerink is the only solution that does not require you to install any additional applications on any of your mobile devices.

What is the difference between the Simple and Advanced Electronic Signature?

The main difference between the electronic signature and the advanced electronic signature is the identification of the signer. While the electronic signature does not necessarily identify the signer in the advanced electronic signature is an indispensable requirement.

This difference is key in contracts or content signatures in which the risk assumed is substantial or high or where the current legislation requires identification for “non-repudiation”, as in the case of the financial sector for the new regulation of money laundering.
Although the advanced electronic signature offers multiple advantages, especially in relation to security and identification, the simple electronic signature can be used in various situations and, always will depend on the importance of the document to be signed.

What is the probatory document provides me?

Fingerink generates a probatory document where the email is registered (both the recipient and the sender), the name of the document and the exact place and time it was signed. In addition, the probative document includes a time stamp generated by a Time Stamp Authority (TSA), which acts as a trusted third party, giving full integrity to the documentation. All these electronic evidences provide legal validity to the process.

Can I cancel or change my suscription at anytime?

There are no commitments or obligations. You can cancel or change plans whenever you want.

Do receipts have to have a Fingerink account?

No. You do not have to have a Fingerink account to receive a pending signature document. There is no limit on the number of recipients to whom you can send documents.

What is the Certified Email?

The certified email is a legal proof against third parties to the communications made. Our service documents both the sending and the reading and the content of the notifications sent.
You can replace all the communications that you send by Burofax or Telegram using our service, which will achieve important cost savings while maintaining the legal validity.
Use our services whenever you want to record your communications, such as to notify and accept invoices, notifications to your staff, contracts, management of unpaid, termination of services, termination or modification of contracts, calls for shareholders meetings, etc.

What is the regulation of the Electronic Signature by which Fingerink is ruled?

Fingerink complies with the ESIGN Law (2000 and UETA, 1999) of the United States, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) of the European Union (Directive 1999/93 / CE), of the United Kingdom (UK Electronic Communication Act ) and the rest of the member countries of the WTO (World Trade Organization).

Is the Advanced Electronic Signature valid to comply with SEPA Legislation?

The answer is YES, since it has all the guarantees of the new European electronic signature regulation.
However, it is possible that also the simple electronic signature, with a lower cost and also adapted to the telephone channel, may be sufficient to collect any formal acceptance by customers.

Why is Fingerink more easy to use than other signature service?

Because it is not necessary to install specific additional applications to send or sign documents. The signature request is made through your usual mail manager, without having to enter third-party platforms or applications, and the person signing can do so from their mobile device without having to install any extra application.

What is the time stamp?

The time stamp or timestamping is an online mechanism that ensures that a series of data has existed and has not been altered from a specific moment in time. Certifies the identity of the person signing and also the exact date and time at which the signature is made. To guarantee this, it is necessary to use a Time Stamp Authority (TSA), which acts as a trusted third party, declaring the existence of such electronic data at a specific date and time. The time stamp used by Fingerink is internationally recognized, so it can be used in any country or region.

How do I choose the type of signature I need?

We consider that the final decision about which electronic signature to use in each business process is a decision that must be made jointly by a group of people that include business managers, legal department advisors and development and security officers of the department of information systems or in their place external consultants.
In any case, the decision will depend on two factors: the first will be the level of risk that the acceptance of a content or contract with the electronic signature can cover: a telephone contracting process is not the same, where the risk of default and the amount are limited, that the risk of a policy of millions of euros and considered high risk in the organization. The second factor depends on whether or not existing legislation regulates the sector. For example, the financial sector is regulated by the new money laundering regulation, which requires that unknown customers be identified prior to carrying out any business. The signature in this process, therefore, has a mandatory compliance in the identification of the signatory. For example, the entire service sector is regulated in direct debit by the SEPA law, since February 2014 all providers of consumer services, to domicile a mandate must collect formal acceptance by the client, however this law It does not specifically obligate the identification of the signer and a simple electronic signature could be sufficient.