The electronic signature on Fingerink is legal, secure and easy to integrate into your workflow. In addition, we provide you with a series of tools that will help you expedite the process of sending and signing documents

Electronic Signature

Welcome to the digital signature: you can draw your signature, upload an image of it or choose one of the ones generated by the system.

Advanced Document Editor

Make use of document editor to complete the files with fields as name, signature or date. For you or your addressees.

Scheduled Sending

Do you ever forget to send an important document? It will not happen to you again if you use the scheduled delivery: upload the document and edit it with the fields to fill out, add the signers and choose the date you want it to be sent.


The actions related to the signature process can be consulted in the document sent page information. In addition, Fingerink enables you to ask your signer to complete the digital signature as soon as possible.

Team & Contact Management

Fill out your contact list and keep contact profiles for frequent signers in order to add them to a signing process. Also, team management allows you to track business activity as well as open and close business deals faster.

Reusable Templates

When similar documents are sent frequently, or when they are sent to the same group of recipients, templates are a great way to save time.

Documents Storage & Security

Your completed documents are stored securely in the system and you can download them, or permanently delete them from Fingerink.

Legal Validity

With each electronic signature on Fingerink, the security and authentication requirements are strictly met.

Custom Branding

Uploading an image of your company logo Fingerink platform gives you the chance to personalize your legal agreements.

Audit Trail

A complete and detailed authorship tracking is stored with the information of all the transactions related to the electronic signature process.

Rest API

Automatic handling of electronic signatures in your application using The REST API based on JSON, with all the functions of Fingerink.


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