Fingerink Security

The electronic signature gives you total security and legal validity in your digital transactions. There are three types of electronic signatures that comply with the law


The privacy of all data transmitted through Fingerink is treated in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2106/679, the European Data Protection Regulation.

Electronic signatures are generated uniquely for each transaction and we do not store documents or signatures on our platform.

During the signing process, you get the user’s consent explicitly to be able to provide our services.


Fingerink ensures the integrity of the data that is introduced and transmitted through our platform.

During the signature process, the electronic evidence of the issuer and the signatories is collected. These evidences are gathered in the evidentiary document that is generated with each signature.

Time stamping guarantees that both electronic evidence and the signature itself have not been altered after completing the signing process.


The security of our platform guarantees the protection of confidentiality and access to documents that pass through our system.

All connections between the different servers or clients are made through HTTPS connections, ensuring point-to-point data encryption.

Technical support service

In Fingerink there is a technical support team that is dedicated to solving incidents in our service and to responding to any security issues.


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