In-Person Signing

A solution for the immediate electronic signature of documents for you and/or for others. If you need someone you are in a meeting with to sign a document electronically, the option to sign in person will facilitate and expedite the process

Legal validity and security

In Fingerink all electronic signatures are legal and comply with the law, in line with both European Union regulations - Regulation (EU) Nº 910/2014 – as well as those of the United States, E-SIGN and UETA Acts.

When to use the in-person signing?

Informed consent of clinics and hospitals

Process of hiring products or services

Signing of contracts

Signature of delivery notes or delivery minutes

What is the legal validity of the in-person signature?

In-Person Signing have the same evidentiary value as the advanced electronic signature. The advanced electronic signature is the signing record of the signatory, linked to it in a unique way and that allows its identification. The authentication of the identity of the signer ensures the evidentiary value of this type of signature. Therefore, it has legal validity and can be used in legal proceedings or in courts.

How to make a signature in person?

1. Select "In-Person Signing"

Then, load or create a document. You can also choose one of the templates you created.

2. Add recipients of this signature

Add a personalized message, schedule to send at a later date and include recipients in CC.

3. Prepare the document

Add your information, the missing information in the document and the fields that you request to your signatory(ies).

4. Sign the document

On this same device, the signers will now trace the signature and complete the information that you request.

5. You will receive the audit trail

The email will contain the generated audit trail. In addition, the status can be monitored from the management panel.


Fingerink provides electronic signatures with full legal validity, complying with the most demanding regulations in the European Union - Regulation (EU) Nº 910/2014 - as in the United States, E-SIGN and UETA Acts.


All data circulating through our platform are safe. Electronic signatures are generated uniquely for each transaction and we do not store documents or signatures on our platform.

Sign today your first document. Get ready?