Adapting to changes is fundamental for any company that wants to survive beyond the next few years. Eliminating the unnecessary use of paper is an important measure to open the door to a digital transformation. The electronic signature helps in this process, allowing for transactions that are much safer and flexible.

The first advantage offered by the electronic signature is the reduction of the time needed to close a contract. Instead of waiting days, weeks or even months to have a document signed, with the electronic signature it is possible to reduce the time that the signed document is returned to hours or even minutes. This is an very productive solution that, especially, helps by giving clients a new experience for them to make the necessary signature.

With full legal validity and accepted in the majority of countries in the world, the electronic signature is an important tool that is gaining presence in the operations of micro, small, medium and large companies.

Another big factor is the possibility of following-up processes that may involve any document. From the moment that an archive is entered into the platform, it registers whatever movement it may undergo: it registers whoever opens the document, in which place, at what date and time, with what device, etc. All of this information is recorded and can be easily accessed for judicial inquiries, certifying the document’s integrity at any stage.

Costs are also reduced with the adoption of the electronic signature for day-to-day business activities. Where before it was necessary use lots of paper, ink for the printer, send faxes, make photocopies and mail physical documents, now all of these steps can be deleted with the process made much simpler. It is also necessary to take into account the use of folders, envelopes, filing cabinets and other storage space—as the company expands—to store all the generated papers. On the other hand, the use of paper requires special care to avoid problems such as fires, which are also reduced. However, by adopting the electronic signature and, therefore, the digitalisation of all of the information, the document’s security and authenticity are guaranteed.

In addition, all of the relevant documents can be created digitally and signed electronically without going through the process of printing, everything will have legal value. With these measures, it is possible to have 100% compliance and have the assurance that there will be no loss of important data. To access to documents, all that is required are a few “clicks” and all of the information will be at hand.

The numerous advantages of the electronic signature include cost reductions, improvement of the client’s experience, more efficiency, acceleration of the process, income increases, total monitoring of all stages, security, integrity, authenticity, flexibility, legal validity and the possibility of accessing documents from any place in the world, through smartphones, tablets or computers. Either for personal ends or business reasons anyone can enjoy of the benefits of this system.

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