Doing business on-line generates a series of uncertainties. Such concerns are not unfounded. Everyday there are new stories and accounts of private content losses and the victims range from private persons, to the managers of the largest companies. There is still a feeling of insecurity with regard to data and documents on the Internet, especially when the information is confidential. Therefore, Fingerink continues to be the best option for those who want to make secure transactions and with total integrity.

Important data must be protected so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. To win the confidence of partners and clients, it is necessary to provide guarantees that all transactions will be conducted safely, while respecting the relevant legislation. These are the basic rules that any business has to follow. The electronic signature helps to reduce costs and reduce the time it takes to receive income, but care must also be taken when selecting the service to administer sensitive documents.

In addition, ensuring that the information is not modified is also a way of certifying the security of transactions. Fingernk‘s digital transaction management (DTM) generates a complete audited trail of all changes made, that can be easily consulted by the sender and can be used in court proceedings. Achieving 100% compliance with respect to the legislation in your country is crucial in preventing fraud and the theft of sensitive information.

Another important factor is the handling and storing of documents. Paper documents, in addition to occupying a lot of physical space, can be easily lost. Storage costs may be expensive. The digital transactions make sense; everything is properly organised, making it easier to find information, without the risk of it being lost.

Some risks are not worth taking. When it comes to transactions between businesses, it is better to opt for the safest alternative and one that can guarantee that the data will be protected. Through Fingerink it is possible to create, send, monitor, sign and receive documents on any device, anytime, anywhere in the world. Take a free trial to discover all of the advantages of using Fingerink in your business.