Signatures on Fingerink

Speed ​​up the signing of documents and contracts for your employees, customers and suppliers with our electronic signature solution

Legal validity and security

In Fingerink all electronic signatures are legal and comply with the law, in line with both European Union regulations – Regulation (EU) Nº 910/2014 – as well as those of the United States, E-SIGN and UETA Acts.

How to sign a document in Fingerink?

From any device

Without download any apps

In a few easy steps

1. Prepare and send

From the Fingerink web management panel, prepare and send your document to sign or choose to sign it there and then. You can also send documents to sign from your email, without the need to install any application.

2. Sign

If you have sent a document to sign, the recipient will receive an email to access the document and sign it. Or you can sign your own documents and those of your signers instantly, on your device.

3. Manage

Control the status of your signature requests from the web management panel and keep your documents organized to access them at any time.

What types of signature does Fingerink have?

All types of electronic signatures in Fingerink are legal, but they have some differences and different levels of security

Certified Email

Certified sending is the best option when you need proof that the recipient has received your email or your document. It has legal validity and the evidentiary document includes actions taken by the recipient (email received, open, viewed document, etc.).

Validate Document

Validate Document is offered for cases with low legal risk and that do not require security guarantees, such as showing compliance with the contents of a document or accepting terms and conditions. It gather the recipient’s electronic data but has no evidentiary value.

Advanced Signature

The advanced signature is used in cases where it is necessary to identify the signer in a unique way. This is the option used by signatories to sign labour contracts, loans or informed consent. It has evidentiary value since it allows for the authentication of the signer.

Fingerink offers three advanced signature modes:

Advanced Signature Modes in Fingerink

In Fingerink there are three advanced signature modes and you can choose one or the other depending on the needs of the user

Send document to sign

Send documents and files to sign through the web management panel or from your own email.

In-Person Signing

The face-to-face signature is used when you meet with your clients or suppliers and you need to sign a document. You just have to prepare the file and let the users sign on the same device you are using.


From the management panel, you can digitally sign a document yourself, adding your information, your signature or your stamp. You can send it as a copy to whom you want or download it.


Fingerink provides electronic signatures with full legal validity, complying with the most demanding regulations in the European Union – Regulation (EU) Nº 910/2014 – as in the United States, E-SIGN and UETA Acts.


All data circulating through our platform are safe. Electronic signatures are generated uniquely for each transaction and we do not store documents or signatures on our platform.

Sign today your first document. Get Ready?