Fingerink helps multiple sectors to manage and optimize signature processes with ease and security

The Digital Future for your Company

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Human Resources

Digitise selection of candidates to the internal work processes with Fingerink’s electronic signature solution.

Consultancy & Management Companies

Speed ​​up with Fingerink the receipt of signed documentation with your client. Reduce time, paper and money.


Figerink helps marketing departments launch programs faster and internal final approvals about marketing plans, reports and content.


Fingerink provides you a fast and secure service for the opening of new accounts or approval of loans.

Courier & Delivery Service

Avoid setbacks accelerating the shipping processes and satisfy the needs of intermediaries and customers.


Admission forms, consents, tests and much more. Fingerink offers a quick solution to your patients.


Fingerink speeds up the receipt of signed documents and quickly activates your client’s policy.


Close business agreements more quickly. Now your sales department faster and more profitable.

University, School & Public Organization

Streamline your business process and increase productivity with an agile and legal signature.

Estate Agency & Property Management

Close rental contracts more quickly and safely, do not let your client escape with Fingerink.

Internal Management

Manage documentation, contracts, direct debits and much more. Gain quality of service with Fingerink.


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